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Coach's Corner: Coach Rob Girard's Mid-Season Recap

By Coach Girard, 12/02/18, 10:45AM EST


Jr. Everblades Coach Girard gives an update on how the 14AA program has been doing this season:

       The 14UAA team has been training together and developing since June of this year. This is a very committed group of players and parents.

      We have a very young group and realized at tryouts that we needed to train hard to earn the right be a legitimate AA team. Our team has teamed up with the 16UA like-minded Coaches and we share one of our ice slots each so we can get both teams on the ice for practice 3 times a week versus 2 times per week. I think this is something most coaches should consider. Nothing replaces quality ice time. Having the extra ice time allows both teams to focus on skills development and team play.

      Over the course of the season, our team has been able to become very competitive with the other AA teams in the state. I believe we are a much better team right now than our record indicates. My motto has always been to stay focused on a players development versus the wins and losses. This is the way to keep players motivated and working hard even if the score sheet does not look favorable. Wins are the by-product of hard work and development. Focus on winning alone with your players in any sports results in emotional big highs and big lows. Focusing on player development is a steady and diligent approach that results in the athlete becoming a better player now and in the future. 

      We have a great group of players with great attitudes, you couldn't ask for more. As coaches, I think we enjoy the process more than the players do.

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