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Commemorative Ad Book Deadline Extended

By Cz DiRosario, 10/23/18, 10:00AM EDT


Hello JEB Family-

Would you like to ease the financial burden of travel hockey?  Selling ads for the annual JEB commemorative book can help you with that cost.

With each ad sold, 50% of the ad cost is credited to your player’s tuition at the end of the payment term.  The people and businesses that you come in contact with are able to show their support and you receive the benefit!  

There are many ways to participate in this fundraising opportunity.  Your player can learn valuable lessons by writing letters to your favorite businesses or visiting them in person to ask for their support. Community outreach is an important resource.  Tell them your story and extend an invitation to the rink.  Grandma and grandpa may like to sponsor your player by placing a special ‘ad’ just for them.  Be creative!  There are a lot of opportunities out there.

DEADLINE to submit your forms has been extended:  November 15, 2018


Happy fundraising!

Cz DiRosario