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A Letter Of Thanks From The McAndrews Family

By The McAndrews Family , 08/24/18, 9:45AM EDT


Dear JEB Hockey Community,

  As the new season begins officially for everyone on Saturday, the boys and I wanted to send out a letter of thanks for all the support you have given us when Brian unexpectedly passed away in April.  It is hard to believe that Saturday will be only 4 months.  There are days where it seems like just yesterday he was there cheering one of the boys on during a hockey game or working out his schedule so he could take another to practice or league games.  The stories and memories everyone has shared get us through each and every day.   There is nothing like the support of a hockey family community.  There are days that start out tough and I will get a text or phone call from one of my hockey mom warriors and then I know I can keep on going.  The support of the teams that boys are lucky to be on this year has brought me to tears many times.  I have so many that said we can take Riley to practice or Brady to practice and don’t worry if you can’t make it to a game we can take them.   I am very humbled and beyond appreciative. 

The boys are looking forward to the hockey season.   We know that Brian will be there on the glass watching over during practice or yelling at one of them to “put your stick on the ice.”  While we know he isn’t there in body his spirit is with us each and every day. 

 So as the season begins we want to say good luck to all the teams.  Play tough, have fun, and enjoy your time as a hockey family (there is nothing that can compare).

With all our thanks, love, and appreciation,

Kelley, Riley, Brady and Finnegan