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HEAT Athletics Opens for Training

By JEB Staff, 09/22/20, 8:30AM EDT


Estero, FL   Hartlieb Elite Athletic Training (HEAT) facility is owned by retired professional hockey player Ernie Hartlieb and his wife Miranda Hartlieb, a trainer/off ice coach.  
They recently purchased the facility on Sept. 1 and are creating a well-rounded training facility that incorporates off ice training, a skating treadmill, shooting/stick handling room, nutrition bar, massage, and recovery. They strongly believe in teaching respect and discipline as part of the program. They are focused on the sport's psychology by incorporating yoga not only for stretching, breathing, and core work but also to help develop healthy mindsets. HEAT is a facility that will help develop athletes of all levels to reach their fullest potential.  
The facility is currently under some renovations, and many changes have already taken place. Improvements are expected to be complete by October. The training facility is up and running with new equipment arriving daily and new turf in place. The facility will house elite training equipment, including three new squat racks, sleds, glute/hamstring machine, Exxcentric k boxes, Exxcentric pullies, kettlebells, dumbbells, med balls, and much more. You can expect your athlete to learn about the importance of good form and body control, which helps avoid injury.  
They look forward to training your athletes within a clean, well-functioning facility. There will be two trainers present for each session as well as FGCU Interns. They ask that athletes respect the trainers and staff but that they help maintain the equipment's integrity.  
If you have any questions, please direct them to Team Managers or Miranda Hartlieb directly at